Altru Integrated Health in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Amy's Unique Skills

Health Coach

Raised in an Air Force family, Amy experienced moving a lot in different states and overseas. She is happy to make a full circle and be ‘home’ in Colorado Springs. One year after a skiing accident and reconstructive knee surgery, Amy placed third in the Pikes Peak Marathon (as Amy Barnish) and has run many since. Physical therapy was a key part of her recovery. Exercise, nutrition, and the mind-body connection is a passion of hers. Amy has degrees in Communications, Computer Science. She is a certified personal trainer and has an American Council on Exercise Health Coach Certification.

     “I can relate to many on their wellness journey. I understand how self-talk and daily habits play a big role in one’s wellness. I am skilled at reframing cognitive distortions and know anyone can improve their health at any age. I especially love working with athletes who are dealing with a set back or former athletes looking to lose some weight and feel great.”  “I am passionate about seeing people improve their lives and feel better”.

     Besides trail running, Amy enjoys walking her old poodle, hiking, lifting weights, cooking, writing, bird watching/identification, gardening, and traveling with her family. She also is a NASCAR and NFL fan. Go Broncos!