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Are You Physically Ready?

Are you physically ready?  Colorado is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country.  It is also home to a near-infinite supply of outdoor adventure to keep anyone busy for a lifetime regardless of your fitness level.  For me, I am frequently lured away from my home in Colorado Springs to Rocky Mountain National Park for a few days of hiking to reset my perspective.  There are boulders to scramble over, trails to explore, waterfalls to hear, and a sunset to sear itself into my memory!  I test myself at will to see how much I can physically absorb during my few days in the wild.

During a recent hike with my family in tow, I turned around to take in the scene behind me.  My wife’s long stride gracefully carried her forward.  My daughter’s agility moved her around obstacles.  My son’s bounding playfully advanced him from rock to rock.  They jumped, hopped, skipped, and ambled up the trail to meet me just as engaged as I was in testing balance, endurance, and quickness.  Natural physicality.

As I took in this symphony of movement, it hit me like a sneak-attack snowball my son pitched at me startling me out of my nerdy biomechanical assessment of our hike.  Not everyone can take on a beautiful trail at any given moment without seriously taking inventory of their physical capabilities.  I deeply respect the individual who wants to, but is not sure if that is such a good idea.

Our bodies are a durable work of art, wonderfully designed to move without pain.  However, reality and the events of daily life can bring injury, stress, and periods of pain management that accumulate into real and/or perceived limitations.  If not addressed, we may accept these limitations as permanent.  We negotiate with ourselves finding other things we are able to do, but injuries and pain can take away from our humanity as we pine for the days when we didn’t have to limit activities.  The question nags us like those aches and pains:  am I physically ready?

The more time I spent climbing the trail with my family, the more I considered those who are hesitant because they question their abilities.  I believe that this hesitation prematurely puts limits on their functionality.  I strongly encourage those who have stopped seeking the adventure to break free and objectively find out what is possible now and in the future.  Ask the question:  if I think I can’t, then what can I do to be able to get into the activities I love?  Get help today by making an appointment with a fitness professional.  Together, we’ll turn no’s into yeses creating new memories and experiences along the way!

Written by: Greg Asbee, Fitness Director

Altru Integrated Health in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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