About US

Your Health and Wellness Experience

At Altru Integrated Health, we bundled health and wellness disciplines aimed at keeping you active. Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Massage, Fitness Training and Metabolic testing. Ad in Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathwork and Behavioral Health and we put you in the driver’s seat.

Our Purpose

We believe everyone should live a healthy, fulfilling life. And we’re here to help people become their greatest selves by being more involved with their health and wellbeing. Each client has the full support of our team of specialists. Understanding your needs, we sculpt an integrated, individual wellness program for your goals.

Our Pillars

First and foremost, we listen. We learn about you and meet you where you are in your health and fitness journey.

Movement. Healthy, pain free movement. We notice that well-being is almost always coupled with health. We’re passionate about getting people moving.

Digging deep. What motivates you? Are you recovering from an injury or a surgery? Do you want to avoid a surgery? A full Physical Therapy assessment allows us to learn directly from your body what you may need.

More eyes on the prize. With a multitude of health and wellness professionals under one roof, we have the benefit of several diagnostic angles. We often uncover a prognosis other approaches have missed. 

Team work. We assemble and optimize a tailored personal wellness program from our broad offering of health providers. With seamless communication between our practitioners, we put you on the fast track to achieving a healthy lifestyle and feeling good. 

Your time is valuable. When you book an hour appointment with one of our Physical Therapists – or any of our health practitioners – that full hour is yours.

Your knowledge, experience and participation is integral to the healing process. Our clients expect to learn and grow and heal. We don’t just fix symptoms, we interact with the whole person to stimulate healing on all levels.

We are here to learn and educate. When we all know more, we are able to more accurately approach the problem. Collectively, the Altru staff accounts for centuries of experience and education. One of our passions is to pass that information on to you.  

Who We Are

Our Drum Beat

We help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

We strive to make every client feel capable of taking control of their health. With approachable, knowledgeable Physical Therapists and wellness professionals that provide customized plans and consistent accountability, our clients are able to efficiently meet their goals.

We pride ourselves on our customer commitment and provide a broad range of professional health services under one roof.

Our Magnificent Team

We Strive to Help You Meet Your Goals.

Our Altru Integrated Health staff is full of kind, encouraging, motivating people who will help you reach your wellness goals and achieve the health and wellness you desire. Each member of our staff has the unique skills and backgrounds to make your wellness journey a success.

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