Massage Therapy

We’re integrated health, so an Altru Integrated Health massage can be part of a much larger health and wellbeing experience.

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Because every one of our treatment modalities integrate with each other, we use massage as a window into your entire wellbeing. Our massage therapists can correct a tendency before it becomes a risk of injury. Or they can spot a compensation that can be treated or corrected with a referral to another of our specialists for more specific treatments.

Additionally, other providers on the client’s team may recommend massage as part of their treatment plan by or conversely. As such we are able to tailor your massage experience to your individual healthcare goals.

Get the Right Massage for You

A weight loss client will have different requirements than a pain management or sports massage client. Additionally we have several different Massage Practitioners with different styles and specialties. Consult with our Client Services Specialist to learn about our Massage Practitioners and to get the right massage for your goals. If you’ve never tried massage, learn about its possible health benefits and what to expect during a massage therapy session.

Massage Benefits Can Include:

Studies Have Found Massage May Also Be Helpful For:

How to Get Started...

Using Your Insurance
Altru Integrated Health accepts all major insurances. When using your insurance, you can come in for full evaluation. We will then send our recommendations to your primary provider for orders.
Altru’s Unique Wellness Credit System
The best way to stay active is to actively engage in your own wellbeing. To access our entire range of services including direct pay Physical Therapy, check out our Rewards Program. With credits, you can combine Physical Therapy appointments with ongoing Exercise Specialist sessions, Acupuncture and Massage.