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A Locally Owned and Operated Boutique Fitness Studio in Colorado Springs.

At Altru Fitness you will find all the resources you need to meet your fitness, health and wellness goals. We specialize in strength training, weight loss, mobility, pain management and therapeutic & corrective exercise. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. 

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Includes a free 1-on-1 health and wellness consultation and a free week of small group
sessions. We will create a roadmap based on your fitness goals. 

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Our Memberships provides you with access to our boutique gym. You can follow your own workout program or take advantage of our instructional videos designed and guided by our personal trainers

Other Memberships Include:

Keep Moving Sessions

Who We Are

Our Drum Beat

We help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

We strive to make every client feel capable of taking control of their health. With approachable, knowledgeable Certified Personal Trainers and wellness professionals that provide customized plans and consistent accountability, our clients are able to efficiently meet their goals.

We pride ourselves on our customer commitment and provide a broad range of professional health & fitness services under one roof.

Our Magnificent Team

We Strive to Help You Meet Your Goals.

Our Altru Fitness staff is full of kind, encouraging, motivating people who will help you reach your wellness goals and achieve the health and wellness you desire. Each member of our staff has the unique skills and backgrounds to make your wellness journey a success.

Gym Setup and Equipment

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