Altru Integrated Health in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mytchell's Unique Skills

Founder | Owner | Practice Manager | Breathwork and Mindfulness

Years in the Field: 30
Certifications: Serial Entrepreneur, MS Marketing; Certified Yoga Instructor, 
Quote: “Breathe and consciously inhabit your body.”

More About Mytchell

Specialties: Focus and present moment awareness. Working with PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression and stress disorders.

What I Do For Fun: My favorite activities are mountain biking and meditation. I am also an abstract artist with a gallery presence across the US;

What Makes Me Passionate About Wellbeing: From the time I could ride a bike, I was gone. It was flying and freedom and movement all in one and I have never tired of it. My Yoga experience began with an accidental meeting with a Yogini that became a five-year internship. Daily practice consisted of Asana, Pranayama, chanting of the Sutras, reading and interpreting the sacred texts, meditation, Sanskrit study, and hard labor.